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zCover gloveOne HealthCare Grade Ruggedized Back Open Silicone Case with Universal Belt Clip for Cisco SPA302D DECT handset


  • CISP3BN gloveOne® Ruggedized HealthCare Grade Silicone Case with Universal Belt Clip for Cisco SPA302D DECT handset;

  • Provides enhanced protection against dirt, scratches, liquid and impact;

  • Keeps Cisco SPA302D DECT handset's slim style while providing great protection;

  • Comes with 7 colors.

  • Custom designed and molded to fit the Cisco SPA302D DECT handset perfectly;

  • All of the Cisco SPA302D DECT handset features are incorporated into the case design;

  • Protects the phone all the time.

  • Comes with a removable Universal Belt Clip which is made with durable, first-run plastic;

  • The clip has a strong clamping power and can rotate 360 degrees to wear horizontally or vertically on your belt. The Cisco SPA302D DECT handset can be easily removed with the one-press release button;

  • The Universal Belt Clip is compatible with zCover's interchangeable accessories, including the Adjustable Shoulder Strap, Window Clip and Outdoor Armband.

  • Patented Dock-in-Case Solution allows charging devices with or without zCover cases on;

  • Customize our charging dock to charge either 2 handsets, 4 batteries, or one handset & two batteries to meet your need;

  • Tailor make your workstation with our patented Unified Modular Docking System, to charge up to 10 phones or 20 batteries at your own discretion.

  • The back open design allows users to change the battery easily without removing the case.


zCover Silicone rubber is an excellent healthcare grade material for keeping handsets protected in all kinds of environments. It withstands heat, cold, and UV. It is non-toxic, does not react with most chemicals or support microbial growth. zCover Silicone rubber retains its original shape even when stretched to its limit. It is tear and puncture resistant and has a very long life. Because it is safe to wash or clean with germicidal wipes, it is recommended for shared phones, especially in healthcare settings. Learn more about HealthCare grade silicone.

What's in the box:

  • 1 x CISP3BC gloveOne® Ruggedized HealthCare Grade Silicone Case ONLY
  • 1 x ZUCUBYCN Universal Belt Clip
  • 1 x ZUPDLYCN Universal Clip LOCK TAB SET (installed)

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