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Unified Battery Charger 5-Bay Rack Set (up to 15 batteries) w/AC adapter for NetLink 8030/8020/6020, Nortel WLAN 6140/6120 and AVAYA 3645/3641 phone batteries

Polycom SpectraLink Unified Battery Charger 5-Bay Rack Set for NetLink 8030/8020/6020, Nortel WLAN 6140/6120, AVAYA 3645/3641 phone batteries can charge upto 15 Batteries simultaneously.

SK220U5B Unified Battery Charger 5-Bay Rack Set comes with a zCover Global AC Adapter. It charges the batteries much faster than using other power supplies. The Unified Multi Batteries Charger is equipped with intelligent battery temperature monitor. It discontinues charging if the battery temperature reaches over 113°F (45°C). When batteries are full, Charger switches to a trickle charge.


Unified Modular Docking System

Unified Dock Racks is part of zCover Unified Modular Docking System. It can hold and power multiple same model or mixed models Unified Desktop Dual Chargers to form a customized Multi-charger. Save desktop space and wall outlet. It is a make sense multi-charger.


Unified Dock Rack Set comes with a zCover Global AC Adapter.It is stronger than other multi-Chargers. The Global AC Adapter is certified safe and environmentally compliant, meeting or exceeding regulatory standards. We have different plug types of the AC Adapter fits Australia,Continental Europe, Japan, United Kingdom, and North America wall outlet for your selection.

What's in the box:


  • 5 x zDock® Unified Battery-Charger for Polycom Spectralink NetLink 6020/7030/8020/8030, Avaya 3641/3645, & Nortel WLAN 6120/6140 batteries
  • 1 x ZDUPSR5K zDock® Unified Power Dock Rack, FIVE (5) Bay
  • 1 x zAdapter® Power Adapter for multi-port charger with AC Power Cord
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