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Description:zDock® Bluetooth Desktop Speaker Phone & Charger Set for Cisco 7926G/7925G/7925G-EX,w/Car phone accessories, w/Dock-in-Case® Solution

Charging Solution

CI925ZDS Bluetooth Desktop Speaker Phone Set for Cisco 7926G,7925G/7925G-EX Wireless IP Phone and Battery (with AC Adapter and Car phone accessories)

PID: CI925ZDS   $249.99 USD  
Power Plug Type:
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What in box for:   

What's in the box:

  • 1x Desktop Phone Battery and Bluetooth charger
  • 1 x Cisco 7926G, 7925G/7925G-EX IP Phone Docking CUP
  • 1x Bluetooth speaker Phone
  • 1x zBattery® U8ZBAE12
  • 1x Car Charger
  • 1x Sun Visor Clip
  • 1x Tech Lanyard
  • 1 x zAdapter® AC to 5V USB Power Adapter includes one AC Plug Converter


Features for:   


  • The Desktop Dual Charger with Bluetooth Speaker Phone for Cisco 7926G, 7925G/7925G-EX wireless IP phone (PID CI925ZDS) is a perfect combination of a THREE (3) bay desktop charger with a detachable Bluetooth speaker phone


  • The phone charging dock with patented Dock-in-Case® design fits Cisco 7926G 7925G/7925G-EX wireless IP phone in carrying case.

  • Battery charging status shows on the Cisco 7926G, 7925G/7925G-EX phone screen


  • The Battery Charging Bay with Anti-Reveres Insert Lock allows users to insert Cisco 7926G 7925G/7925G-EX Standard / Extended battery or zBattery® CI925 battery correctly in dark. There is also a LED Light shows the battery charging status

Portable Bluetooth Speaker Phone pairs with Cisco 7926G, 7925G/7925G-EX Wireless Speaker Phone and other 7 devices. It is powered by zBattery® CI925 battery or Cisco 7926G 7925G/7925G-EX Standard or Extended battery.

  • up to 90 feet range; super loud speaker for conference;

  • dual microphone strong noise cancellation function;

  • private talk function; lanyard loop.


  • CI925ZDS Desktop Dual Charger with Bluetooth Speaker Phone Set comes with a zCover Global AC Adapter.

  • This charger will charge the phone two times faster than using other power supplies. Spare battery and phone are charged full in only 2 hours.

  • The Desktop Dual Charger features intelligent battery temperature monitoring and discontinues charging if the battery temperature reaches over 113°F (45°C). When batteries are full, the Desktop Dual Charger switches to trickle charging.

Dual Charger AC Adapter

  • The zCover Global AC Adapter is certified safe and environmentally compliant, meeting or exceeding regulatory standards.

  • We have switchable AC Power Plug Converters for Australian, Continental European, Japan, United Kingdom, and North American wall outlet for your selection.

  • Unified Desktop Dual Charger Set includes a power supply with your selected AC plug.

Replacement part for:   

SRP $69.99, 50% Off SRP Clearance. No Refund, No Replacement, No Exchange & No Warranty.
U8ZBAE12 $35.00 USD
zAccessory - Universal Removable Tech-Lanyard, 17 inches, Tech Black
Free Shipping
Universal Accessory - Universal Clip, Car Sun Visor Clip
zAdapter CAR Adapter, 12v/24v input, 5V 2A output, with 8 feet mini USB Cable and one Standard USB Port
ZDCAR2U2 $39.99 USD
zAdapter® 5V 2A USB Power Adapter
Power Plug Type:
zDock® 3 Bay Desktop Charger DOCK ONLY (NO AC Adapter) fits Cisco 7926G/7925G/7925G-EX Wireless IP Phone, Cisco Battery, and zAdapter® Bluetooth Speaker Phone
CI925ZDT $129.99 USD
zAdapter® ZB925 Bluetooth Car Phone ONLY (with NO battery and accessories)
ZB925000 $99.99 USD
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