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Description:zClean™ FDA CE FCC RoHS Certified Cleaning Wet Wipes Value Combo, 30 Pieces w/ Bonus Dispenser

For POLYCOM Spectralink NetLink 7030/8030,Nortel WLAN6140,AVAYA3645/6120,Alcatel310/610

zClean™ Cleaning Solution

PID: ZKWWPQCC-30   $6.99 USD     
PID: ZKWWPQCC-100   $19.99 USD     
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What in box for:     

What's in the box:


  • 30 x ZKWWPQCC zClean® FDA CE FCC RoHS Certified Cleaning Wet Wipe.


  • 1 x ZKWWPZDC zClean™ Wet-Wipes Dispenser for 30 pcs Refill Pack of Wet-Wipes, Crystal Clear, Dispenser ONLY


  • 100 x ZKWWPQCC zClean® FDA CE FCC RoHS Certified Cleaning Wet Wipe.

Features for:     

zClean® Cleaning Wet Wipes are made of soft and clean tissue. It contains active-surface medicaments, plant essence to disinfect surface and remove static electricity. It removes dust and dirt without scratch or damage the surfaces. There are variety pack available for order.

zClean® Cleaning Wet Wipes are green and safe.

zClean® Cleaning Wet Wipe Value Combo includes 30 Pieces wet wipes and a Bonus Dispenser. The dispenser can be screwed on the wall or desktop. The Wet Wipes 100 Pieces Refill Pack also avaliable for your need.
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