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Description:zDockŪ CI925UAK Desktop Dual Charger UPGRADE KIT, includes ONE(1) Handset Docking Cup, and ONE(1) Ultra-Extended Battery Slot Adapter


zDock® Dock Charger UPGRADE KIT

PID: CI925UUA   $12.99 USD     
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What in box for:   

What's in the box:

  • 1 x CI92UCUP Handset Docking Cup,
  • 1 x CI925UKB Ultra-Extended Battery Slot Adapter


Features for:   

zDock® CI925UAK Desktop Dual Charger UPGRADE KIT helps you upgrade you CI925UAK to the same features as CI92UUAK. after this upgrade, you can charge Ultra extended 2000mAh battery for your Cisco 7925G, 7925G-EX or 7926G wireless IP phone and battery.

Upgrade Just 2 steps, it is very simple and easy. No extra tools needed.

Cisco Apple Honeywell Toshiba Polycom Intermec Ascom Motorola Honeywell SpectraLink Fujitsu Kirk Linksys Siemens NEC Avaya Alcatel Nortel

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