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$29.99 USD

gloveOne BB90AH Dockable Ruggedized Silicone Carrying Case
fits Blackberry BOLD
with 100% removable rotary one-button-release cell phone belt clip
ice Clear
ice Grey
ice Blue

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What's in the box

1 x BB90AH dockable, Ruggedized silicone carrying case
1 x 100% removable, rotatable one-button-release cell phone Belt Clip

(Charger dock and hand device are not included)



Compatible with these interchangeable accessories:




zCover's unique formula of silicone material meets HealthCare safety requirements:

Dock your phone directly into the Desktop Charger while still in zCover's ruggedized, silicone carrying case. The universal Belt Clip is a handset stand as well.
The interchangeable, clip system is compatible with the zCover Windshield Clip, Armband, Car Sun Visor Clip, Shirt Clip and more
Ultra-thin keypad protective skin allows the user to type with wet fingers. 100% removable Belt Clip, leaves a totally flat back when not attached.
Pre-moulded trackball access.
Headphone port and USB port are accessible.
Volume button protection
side speaker opening.
Microphone opening
Function button protected Pre-moulded camera lens opening.
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Washable - you can wash zCover silicone cases by hand. Make sure it's dried out before putting your Blackberry into it. Dry it in room temperature. Please avoid direct fire and direct bright sunshine.
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zCover silicone cases are crafted from PVC-Free and LATEX-Free, HealthCare grade silicone material. It is non-toxic, durable and safe.


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