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zCover Stage for COWON® A3 / A2
Portable Multimedia Player

Price: USD$39.99

Retail Package Includes:

+ One silicone case for COWON A2 PMP

+ One zCover Care Belt Clip, can be used as Stand of COWON A2 PMP and A3 PMP

+ One zCover Crystal Clear Hard Screen Protector with Soft Rubber Ring Pad

Ice Clear

zCover Stage for COWON® A2 / A3
Portable Multimedia Player

zCover Crystal Clear Hard Screen Protector with Soft Rubber Ring Pad
Stand-alone design - rotate zCover belt clip to vertical  position use it as stand.
Side-grip-dots give your zCover Stage case a stylish look and a better grip. Advanced molding technology and contour design in the latest style allows full access to all controls and connectors

pre-molded to cut open at Speakers, microphone, reset, and hold switch Instruction symbols were engraved beside Control Key in Stage for your convenience
corner pegs give your COWON A2 some space to breath and release heat from the back Made from latest high-tech material, zCover Belt Clip is durable and elastic.
Rotating Belt Clip can be rotated and locked so that you can wear your iPod vertically or horizontally when clipped to your belt.  Click here for more Rotating Belt Clip features Removable belt clip with a soft landing insert disk, which provides a better grip and will not scratch your handset.
zCover is crafted from non-toxic, durable high-grade silicone rubber with anti-static finish which reduces dust and lint attraction. Washable - you can wash zCover silicone case by hand.  Make sure it’s dried out before putting your gadget into it.  Dry it in room  temperature. Please avoid direct fire and direct bright sunshine.


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