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zCover Stage DAA Original for Cowon D2 PMP

Original Ice Clear
Original Blue
Original Pink
Original Grey
Compatible with
zCover Armband



MP3 Player

What's in the box


  • One lanyard design Stage DAA silicone case

  • One removable lanyard
Size:  One size fits the Cowon D2 Premium MP3 Player
Side-grip-dots make your zCover case a stylish look and a better grip.
Gaining access to the key lock switch on your Cowon D2. is simple, quick and easy with a built in opening.
Control buttons cover keep dust, dirt and liquids out of your gadget,
The SD/MMD Slot is open
Wearing it around your neck with removable lanyard, easy off and easy on, enjoy your freedom
Earphones attach easily and securely through the earphone jack port.
The slot for stylus/kickstander is open

Compatible with zCover Armband (sold separately)

Compatible with zCover Armband (sold separately) and Belt clip (sold separately)

Compatible with zCover Window Clip (sold separately)

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Washable - you can wash zCover silicone case by hand. Make sure it's dried out before putting your D2 into it. Dry it in room temperature. Please avoid direct fire and direct bright sunshine.
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zCover silicone cases are crafted from non-toxic, durable high-grade silicone rubber. It is safe.



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