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Your keyboard now understands Dvorak
Preprinted and Molded zCover typeOn
Dvorak Layout for Apple Keyboard

Price: USD$34.99

+ One Dvorak Layout Black Letter on White Keyboard Skin for Apple Keyboard & Apple Wireless Keyboard

(* Not compatible with older Apple Pro Keyboard and Apple USB Keyboard.)

Preprinted and Molded for the Apple Keyboard in U.S./ North American (ANSI)  keyboard layouts

Preprinted Dvorak Layout Keyboard Skin


  • zCover silicone skin are crafted from non-toxic, durable HealthCare grade silicone rubber.  It is safe.
  • Ultra thin (0.6mm) skin touch feeling
  • Full shock-absorbing, tear-resistant protection
  • Molded to fit every point
  • Removable and easy to put on and take off for cleaning
  • Stays in place and does not shift around
  • Washable - you can wash zCover silicone typeOn skin by hand.  Make sure it's dried out before put it on your keyboard. 
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