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zCover gloveOne 398 is crafted for Motorola® ROKR E1
Integrated Port Covers, Camera Lens Lid and Keypad Protector  


Price: USD$34.99

Retail Package Includes:

+ One gloveOne silicone case

+ One-button-release removable rotary belt clip.

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Office Blue
Office Grey
Office ice-Clear
Office Pink
new designed removable rotary one-button-release belt clip for Cell Phone 
Compatible with
zCover Universal Armband
Compatible with zCover
Window Clip

Crafted for Motorola ROKR®E1 and Motorola E398

Top open allows you to easily access the headphone port.  Ear speaker port pre-molded to open with beveled edge for better voice effect.  

new designed removable rotary
one-button-release belt clip

Voice control key cover is protected to keep dust, dirt and liquids out.  Integrated lens cover protects your camera lens. 
Integrated cable port flipper lid.  Speaker pre-molded to open on the side of your handset. 
0.6mm ultra-thin keypad cover keeps dust, dirt and liquids out of your handset keypad.   Microphone pre-molded for better voice effect. 
0.6mm ultra-thin BUT durable.   zCover silicone case is crafted from non-toxic, durable HealthCare grade silicone rubber.  It is safe.    Washable - you can wash zCover silicone cases by hand or in the washing machine. They can also be cleaned with germicidal wipes.

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