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zCover Lounge for Sony PSPô

Price: USD$34.99/set

Retail Package Includes:
One zCover Lounge silicone case

+ One zCover Lounge with zSight™ crystal clear hard plastic face plate

+ One Extra Joy Stick Button

The zSight™ crystal clear hard plastic face plate for Sony PSP™ with zCover Lounge silicone case.

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Ice Clear
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Joystick Button Extra zSight™ face plate



Based on our Body Mechanism Lab test and research result, we created a finger grip on each side of lounge, which gives your finger and palms a great comfort and support while you are playing

.The zSight™ crystal clear hard plastic screen protector and face plate for the Sony PSP. It's made of durable, rigid, good shock absorbance plastic polymer.

Memory Stick slot designed for easy access for your Sony PSP

Easy to read  LED indicator

Unique flipper lid concept integrated Fire Wire port cover to keep sand, dust, dirt and liquids out. UDM diskette door can be opened and accessed easily

Remote control and headphone access for easy plug in play  zCover silicone cases are crafted from food grade, non-toxic, durable high-grade silicone rubber.  It is safe. 

Washable - you can wash zCover silicone case by hand, washing machine, or dishwasher.  Make sure itís dried out before putting your PSP into it.  Dry it in room  temperature. Please avoid direct fire and direct bright sunshine.

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