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zCover gloveOne 700 is crafted for Treo ® 700
zCover gloveOne integrated Ports Covers, Camera Lens Lid, and Ultra-thin Keypad Protector

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Tech Grey
Tech Ice Clear
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What's in the box    

Treo 700
  • One gloveOne Tough reinforced silicone case
  • One  one-button-release removable rotary belt clip.
  • User's Manual

Compatible Accessories for gloveOne case
zCover Universal Armband
Tech Lanyard
Window Clip

It can resume original shape,
without suffering any damage.

0.6mm Ultra thin BUT Durable.

Won't lose the lens cover.


Ring button is open to allow your fingers to easily access the ring switch.
Infrared port pre-molded to open and to keep dust, dirt and liquids out of your handset.
Voice control key and customizable side button cover is protected to keep dust, dirt and liquids out.
Integrated lens cover protects your camera lens.
Integrated cable port cover. Headset port pre-molded to open with allows you easily access the headphone port.
0.6mm ultra-thin keypad cover keeps dust, dirt and liquids out of your handset keypad. Bottom corners protected with reinforced silicone layer that acts like a crash cushion.
Ear speaker port pre-molded to open with beveled edge for better voice effect. Microphone pre-molded to open for better voice effect.
Stylus pre-molded to open for easy take out to use. Rotating Belt Clip can be rotated and locked so that you can wear your Treo vertically or horizontally when clipped to your belt. Click here for more Rotating Belt Clip features 
Rotating Belt Clip with back ward closing gear to increase reliability. Click here for more details Removable Belt Clip with a soft landing insert disk provides a better grip and will not scratch your handset.

Compatible with zCover Armband.


Speaker pre-molded to open in the back of your handset.
Compatible with zCover Window Clip.

click F5 to reload picture zCover silicone cases are crafted from non-toxic, durable HealthCare grade silicone rubber. It is safe.
click F5 to reload picture Washable - you can wash zCover silicone cases by hand with shampoo.  



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