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Camouflage your iRiver H10 

Cover your iRiver H10 with zCover iCE

Price: USD$29.99

Retail Package Includes:

+ One handcraft iCE Camouflage Silicone Case

+ One crystal clear hard plastic curved screen protector with soft rubber ring pad

+ One  Rotary Removable Belt Clip

+ User's Manual

Size:  Fit for 5GB and 6GB iRiver H10

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Camouflage Navy
Camouflage Woodland
Compatible with zCover Universal Armband

zCover iCE for iRiver H10


Crystal Clear Hard Screen Protector with soft rubber ring pad provides best vision effect and won't slid around or scratch your iRiver.
+ zCover is crafted from non-toxic, durable high-grade silicone rubber with an anti-static finish which reduces dust and lint attraction.

+zCover’s advanced contoured stylish design  and molding technology  provides a perfect fit and protection to the all-around surface of the iRiver H10.
+ Curved to match the shape of iRiver H10, zCover Crystal Clear Hard Screen Protector provides best vision effect.
+ zCover rotary Belt Clip can be rotated and locked so that you can wear your iRiver H10 vertically or horizontally when clipped to your belt.
+ zCover's low profile rotary Belt Clip can be completely removed, making it easier to put  the zCovered iRiver H10  into your pocket or handbag while retaining the slim appearance.
+ zCover's belt clip comes with a soft landing insert locker disk, which provides a better grip and will not scratch or melt on your iRiver H10.

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