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$34.99 USD

Universal Adjustable Shoulder Strap


This shoulder strap Clip set carries handheld in zCover designed silicone case or holster, and keeps it accessible and secure. Ideal for health care and other professionals who cannot use a belt clip to attach a phone.
  • Compatible with ALL zCover silicone case with Universal Belt Clip Tab or zCover Holster
  • Quick-release buckle makes strap easy and quick to remove
  • Security clip attaches to clothing and prevents phone from swinging around or banging into objects
  • Comfortable, padded, adjustable strap is durable and washable
  • Security clip secures the phone and strap to clothing


What's in the box
$34.99 USD


  • One Adjustable Shoulder Strap Clip set

      Note: Handheld, zCover silicone case and Universal Belt Clip Tab are not included



Dimensions (H x W x D) 7.4in x 5.3in x 6.6in;     155mm x 64mm x 34mm
Weight 70g;  0.2lb
10 pack (inner box) Dimensions (H x W x D) 7.4in x 5.3in x 6.6in;     188mm x 135mm x 168mm
10 pack (inner box)
800g; 1.8lb
60 pack (master box)
(H x W x D)
14.0in x 17.0in x 8.5in;     354mm x 430mm x 213mm
60 pack (master box)
5322g; 11.8lb

Compatible with ALL zCover Silicone Cases and Holsters



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