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iSAglove Armband Set for Apple iPhone 4GB / 8GB /16 GB
Dockable, Ruggedized Full Protection Case and Removable, Rotatable Belt Clip with Soft Rubber Pad
Not compatible with iPhone 3G


Ice Clear
What's in the box
  • One iSAglove Silicone Case
  • One zCover Universal Armband
  • One-button-release, removable, rotatable, Universal Belt Clip with soft rubber landing pad

(Does not include Apple iPhone 4GB / 8GB /16 GB)


Compatible zCover Accessories for iPhone 4GB / 8GB / 16GB


A Velcro strap of striking adjustability and reliability, which allows a perimeter range from 6'' to 18'' and holds the device securely in place.
With the ingenious, one-button-release design, the device can be neatly fastened or removed with a single hand, so that your exercise won't have to be interrupted.
Moisture-resistant and washable. Stand-alone design, enjoy your favorite video with free hands.
Ice series color case designed to work seamlessly with iPhone's light sensor providing maximum protection and classic style. Top screen edge design ensures the iPhone is protected without blocking the iPhone’s proximity (built-in motion) sensor.
Our pre-molded RECEIVER hole is the best combination of function and protection, so keep on chatting! The enhanced, easy-press home button protects from dust, dirt and liquids.
zCover’s unique flip-cover protects the FireWire port from sand, dust, dirt and liquids, while allowing you to charge or dock your iPhone without removing the case.
The iSAGlove inside case edges never block the iPhone screen. Full screen access is guaranteed. Great for surfing, try it out!
Our simple step-down die cut makes switching modes easy. The Speaker and Microphone openings allow for maximum audio quality.
A raised design allows you to press the Sleep/Wake Button with ease.
The universal headphone opening is guaranteed to fit your favorite pair.
Volume button protection prevents you from accidentally turning down your favorite song.
Per-molded camera lens opening allows you to take pictures with a wide angle.
  Side grooved finish provides grip and comfort fits all-size fingers.
The rotatable Belt Clip rotates and locks so you can wear your iPhone vertically or horizontally in complete comfort.
Reinforced case corners work as a “crash cushion” and provide great grip when you hold you iPhone horizontally.

The Belt Clip is completely removable, tab and all, so you always have an option.

The removable belt clip’s soft disc provides better holding power. The unique clip system securely locks your iPhone in place.
The universal portable clip tab is compatible with the zCover universal Armband and zCover Window Clip. Show style, enjoy functionality. Compatible with zAdapter Dockable Kit.

Compatible with zCover
Window Clip.

You have the option of attaching the Lanyard of your choice.

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Washable - you can wash zCover silicone cases by hand. Make sure it's dried out before putting your iPhone into it. Dry it at room temperature. Please avoid direct fire and direct bright sunshine.
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zCover silicone cases are crafted from non-toxic, durable HealthCare grade silicone rubber. It is safe.



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