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zDock® Unified Battery Charger Set (with AC adapter) for Polycom® SpectraLink® 8400 Series of Wireless Telephone, to Charge up to THREE (3) Batteries Simultaneously

All Unified Chargers are wall mount ready. It's compatible with zCover Universal Wall Mount kit (sell separately). It gives options for user to either keeping the charger on the desk or mounting it on the wall (horizontally or vertically) to save workspaces.

zDock® SK84AUDB Unified Battery Charger Set (with AC adapter) is designed for the battery of Polycom® SpectraLink® 8400 Series Wireless Telephones. It charges up to 3 Batteries simultaneously.


Unified Battery Charger Set comes with zCover Global AC Adapter which provides twice faster charging time than using other power supplies. Batteries can be fully charged within 2 hours. The Unified Battery Charger features an intelligent battery temperature monitor & will discontinue charging when battery temperature reaches 113°F (45°C). When batteries are full, charger switches to trickle charge automatically.



zCover Global AC Adapter is certified safe and environmentally compliant, meeting or exceeding regulatory standards. We have detachable AC Power Plug for Australian, Continental European, Japan, United Kingdom, and North American wall outlet for your selection. Unified Battery Charger Set includes a power supply with you selected AC plug.


The Unified Battery Charger is totally upgradable. You may anytime upgrade your Unified Battery Charger (SK84AUDB) to our Unified 3-Bay Charger (SK84AU3B) to charge up to NINE (9) batteries, or Unified 5-Bay charger (SK84AU5B) to charge up to FIFTEEN (15) batteries, or even to self build a Unified Modular Docking System by mixing and matching different models of chargers for your own workstation.


Unified Modular Docking System

The Desk Top Dual Charger is part of zCover Unified Modular Docking System. You may mix and match different models or even different brands of desk top chargers to customize your own Unified Modular Docking System. It can hold and power different phones and batteries simultaneously to save desk top spaces and wall outlets.



What's in the box:




  • 1 x zDock® SK84AUBK Unified Battery Charging Dock to Charge up to 3 Batteries simultaneously for Polycom® SpectraLink® 8400 Series of Wireless Telephoney.
  • 1 x zAdapter® AC to DC 5V USB Power Adapter with your selection of power connector.


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