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zCover covers and cases are designed to provide constant protection and provide the most surface coverage for the most popular high-end electronic devices.  zCover protective silicone products provide over 90% protection. zAD® is a great vehicle for your marketing message. Display your logo or other message for consumers to see every time they use their electronic devices.

Customize your zCover cases with our zAD® services:

customized silicone-ink printing of words or graphic message customized silicone color pattern or graphic message customized APPS correspondent with your business and zCover products color or function

With zAD® you will:

  • Increase your brand-familiarity
  • Generate interest in your special event
  • Increase point-of-sale margins and volume
  • Attach your name to the most popular high-end electronic devices

Business entities, educational institutions, artists, and organizations can order zCover products with your logos, web site addresses, or business messages. Whatever your company's objective, be it is generating publicity, creating new merchandising opportunities, or broadcasting your message to the world, zCover’s zPRINT™, zTATTOO™, and zAPPS™ media vehicle is your ideal solution. 

  • zPRINT™ is washable and durable
    Parallel to advanced molding and industrial know-how technology, zCover has advanced silicone printing technology. We provide multicolor, multi-layer, silicone printing on all zCover product lines.  We guarantee the most accurate effects.
  • zTATTOO™ never wears out
    With advanced industrial know-how technology, zCover provides multicolor, silicone patterns on all zCover product lines.  Some limitation may apply.
  • zAPPS™ bundle software with your hardware
    Create and transmit business massage, seasonal greeting of your business with matching screen saver, background color or pattern associate with the hardware and accessories from us.

Please send your order or inquiry to zad@zcover.com or sales@zcover.com


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