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zCover Dock-in-Case® CI925O Slim Health Grade Silicone Case with Fully Covered Clam Shell and Holster with Low Profile Belt Clip fits Cisco 7925G/7925G-EX Unified Wirless IP Phone

zCover Silicone case with Hard Clamshell and Holster is designed for Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925G/7925G-EX.

  • Great choice to protect your phone.

  • Easy to put in and take out the phone from your pocket

  • Able to clip the phone on the belt

  • Compatible with zCover holster.

  • Dock-in-Case® feature allows user to charge the phone with case and clamshell on.

  • The Holster is made with first-run plastic. It is sturdy and durable.


  • The Carrying Case Holster holds and protects the Cisco 7925G/7925G-EX Unified Wireless IP Phone.

  • The set includes a durable, plastic holster case with removable, rotatable Universal Belt Clip, a slim Healthcare Grade Silicone Case with a fully covered clamshell.



  • The Shield Set keeps 7925G/7925G-EX secured and guards the phone from damage due to impact, dirt, dust and bacteria.

  • It provides maximum protection and hands-free portability. Designed for demanding environments industrial settings, fleet, fieldwork, and healthcare facilities.


  • The combo set comes with zCover's rotatable Low Profile Belt Clip.

  • It rotates 360 degrees so the phone can be worn horizontally or vertically.

  • The Low Profile Belt Clip is only 1cm thick.

  • The Belt Clip is made with first-run plastic and has strong clamping power so it stays clipped on.

  • A hook on the bottom of the clip prevents it from being pulled off the belt loop accidentally, so the phone stays securely attached.


Shoulder Strap

  • The Shield Set enhances all 7925G/7925G-EX phone features.

  • All control buttons are protected while still being totally accessible. The navigation wheel is bevelled with a circular ridge that guides the thumb.

  • The case is moulded to protect the controls with an ultra-thin, skin-touch silicone layer, making the buttons even more comfortable to use.


Shoulder Strap

  • Remove original battery cover, easily change battery with our back open clam shell

zCover Silicone rubber is FDA and ROHS complianted. it is an excellent healthcare grade material for keeping handsets protected in all kinds of environments. It withstands heat, cold, and UV. It is non-toxic, does not react with most chemicals or support microbial growth. zCover Silicone rubber retains its original shape even when stretched to its limit. It is tear and puncture resistant and has a very long life. Because it is safe to wash or clean with germicidal wipes, it is recommended for shared phones, especially in healthcare settings Learn more about HealthCare grade silicone.

What in Box - CI925ZDB

What's in the box:

  • 1 x CI925RTB Holster with Fixed Rotatable Wide Low Profile Belt Clip fits Cisco Unified wireless IP phone 7925G/7925G-EX
  • 1 x CI925O zCover Dock-in-Case® Shield with Ruggedized SOFTInner Case & HARD CLAMSHELL outer layerfits Cisco 7925G/7925G-EX Unified Wireless IP Phone
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