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Description:zSight® Invisible Shield for Cisco TelePresence MX800 Series 70-inch Screen, DOUBLE Screen Pack with Double Side Tape and Scissor


zSight® Invisible Shield for Cisco TelePresence MX800 dual 70”

PID: CIMX8FMD   $499.99 USD     
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What in box for:   

What's in the package:

  • 2 x zSight® Invisible Shield for Cisco TelePresence MX800 Series 70-inch Screen, SINGLE Screen Pack (Without Accessory)

  • 2 x zAccessory - 30' 3M Double Sided Tape Pack with Tape Scissors


Features for:   


CTS-MX800D-2CAM-K9: Cisco TelePresence MX800 dual 70”, dual cameras

NO bubble. NO air, dirt, or dust trap.

No need to worry about air bubbles and dust bubbles like other screen protector do. It is a bubble free Invisible Shield.


Prevents your screen from fingerprint smudges.


Prevents glare from harsh indoor lighting from most office, classroom and even facing direct sunshine.

Reduce Harmful Lights

Reduce ultra-violet (UV) radiation, microwave, electromagnetic wave and blue-light.

High Definition Clarity

Matte finish, Anti-reflective, no glare, no reflection, no fingerprint & no scratches, provides maximum visibility rate over 85% while the screen is protected. Touchscreen friendly.

Germ Free

Easy to remove all germs and grimes with germicidal wipes, ideally suited for use in hospitals, medical centers, doctor's offices, fitness centers, restaurants, schools...

Compatible with Board Technology

Stay flush on the screen or as close to flush as possible, works with the white board technology to ensure the tracking pen works correctly.


Easy installation

For the easiest installation, apply the film prior to setting up the MX series screen on the foot stand or wall mount, while screen is lying flat on the floor.
  1. Unroll the film and roll it the opposite direction so that it lays flat;
  2. Make sure the LCD surface is clean;
  3. Apply a strip of the included double sided tape along each edge of the LCD. Press the tape firmly to the LCD.  Do NOT peel off the protective cover from the tape at this time;
  4. Once the tape is applied to all four edges of the LCD, peel off the protective covering;
  5. With two people, apply the smoother side of the film to the LCD screen by starting from one corner of the bottom edge and pressing the film to the LCD from the one side to the further edges to achieve the best fit;
  6. Apply even pressure to the edges to ensure the screen protective film is firmly in place;

Replacement part for:   

zSight® Invisible Shield for Cisco TelePresence MX800 Series 70-inch Screen, SINGLE Screen Pack (without Accessory)
CIMX8FMC $249.99 USD
zAccessory - 3M Double Sided Tape Pack with Refillable Dispenser and Tape Scissors
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