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Description:CP-PWER-7925 replacement AC Adapter for Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7926G, 7925G and 7925G-EX

Unified Data-Power Dock & Rack

PID: ZDACUASM   $44.99 USD  
Power Plug Type:
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What in box for:   

What's in the box:




  • 1 x ZDACUACK adapter
  • 1 x zAdapter® USB port adapter, F-standard to M-mini

Features for:   

  • Cisco CP-PWER-7925 Replacement AC adapter.
  • Fits Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7926G / 7925G / 7925G-EX


  • Designed to work with Cisco Unified 7926G, 7925G and 7925G-EX Wireless IP phone.



  • The ZDACUASM AC adapter provides faster charging time.

Dual Charger AC Adapter

  • The ZDACUASM AC adapter is green and safe.

  • Provided region-specific AC Power Plug for Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Continental Europe and China.
  • Select region-specific power plug type when you purchase.

  • Can be easily disassembled to ZDACUACK
  • ZDACUACK Is compatible with zCover Desktop chargers.
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