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Description:zAccessory - Universal Armband Set, Reflective & Rotatable,FIT-ALL,w/One-Press Release Design

for Opticon Data Collectors OPL9723 / OPL9724 / OPL9725 / OPL9727

Universal Armbands

PID: ZUAURBCK   $24.99 USD     
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What in box for:   

Universal  Arm Band Set w/Outdoor REFLECT BAND


What's in the box:


  • 1 x Universal Arm Band Set with Outdoor REFLECT BAND FIT-ALL ARM SIZE

Features for:   

Outdoor Armband

The Outdoor Reflective Armband Set is ideal for carrying phone during exercises and while performing outdoor physical activities. Attach the phone or other devices in zCover's silicone case with the Universal Belt Clip Connector Clip. Carry your device anywhere, hands-free and enjoy full access to the screen and all functions of the device while working out. The armband is moisture resistant and washable.

Outdoor Armband

The Outdoor Reflective Armband Set is fully adjustable and allows a perimeter ranges from 6 to 18 inches. It can be worn on upper arm, wrist or leg.

Outdoor Armband

The Outdoor Armband rotates 360 degree and allows you to turn the device screen or keypad to whatever angle you like for maximum convenience.

Outdoor Armband

Two reflective rims offer protection for outdoor exercises at night.

Outdoor Armband

It is easy to remove the phone or other devices from or attach them to the Belt Clip with the one-press release design.


The Outdoor Reflective Armband is compatible with zCover's interchangeable accessories, including zCover's Universal Belt Clip Set, sold separately or included with Silicone Cases (excluding Open Back design).

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