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RICHMOND, BC, CANADA — June 08, 2011

zCover releases multi-battery charger for


  • Polycom SpectraLink NetLink 8030/8020/6020 phone battery,
  • Nortel WLAN 6140/6120 phone battery,
  • AVAYA 3645 / 3641 phone battery.

The top charging solution for busy hospital stations and retail facilities

After successfully filing its Unified Power Solution™, zCover – the leading producer of protective covers, cases and innovative power chargers – now unleashed the Unified Multi Battery Charger for Polycom SpectraLink 8020/8030 phonebatteries. The portable charger holds up to three standard or extended batteries for the Polycom 8020/8030series, sports a space-saving footprint, and features an intelligent protection technology that monitors the batteries’ temperature to prevent overheating.

Ideal for hospital stations and large medical facilities that need round-the-clock power for their IP phones:
the Unified Multi Battery Charger delivers reliable power and makes sure that communication in these mission-critical facilities are uninterrupted. The ergonomic design of the Unified Multi Battery Charger also frees up stations from tangles of wires and requires just a single wall socket to charge several batteries at the same time.

The Unified Multi Battery Charger is also recommended for hospital facilities with 3-batteries , 9-batteries and 15-batteries chargers
It can be docked in a three-rack high-capacity base charger that can charge up to nine batteries, or to a five-rack base charger to charge up to 15 batteries simultaneously. This scalability allows hospital staff to replace batteries quickly between shifts while being assured that the batteries are charged to last well after the next shifts.


Compatible with:

  • Polycom SpectraLink NetLink 8030/8020/6020 phone battery,
  • Nortel WLAN 6140/6120 phone battery,
  • AVAYA 3645 / 3641phone battery.
SK220UDB Battery charger - Charge 3 batteries
SK220U3B Battery charger - Charge 9 batteries
SK220U5B Battery charger - Charge 15 batteries


- Exclusive Desktop Dual Charger Supplier for Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phones 7925G / 7925G-EX;
- Exclusive Battery Multi-Charger Supplier for Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phones 7925G / 7925G-EX;
- Exclusive Replacement Battery Supplier of all models of Cisco WIP phones;
- Exclusive Designer and Supplier of Toshiba Keyboard Skins;
- ONLY Winner of MacWorld Awards in Protection Case, Accessory Category;
- ZCOVER iPhone cases and iPod cases are available at Apple Stores

About zCover

zCover is a leading protective covers and cases solution provider. We designs, develops and distributes carrying cases, Dock-in-Case
data and charger dock, Unified multi-chargers, replacement batteries, and function-added devices with a focus in Healthcare,
Government, Enterprises and Education End-users.

zCover incorporates leading-edge technology and independent IP rights to produce outstanding functionality and quality products.
zCover, zBattery, zCapacity, zAdapter, typeOn, gloveOne and U8 are registered word trademarks in USA and other countries. Dockin-
Case and Unified Power Solution are filed patents in USA and other countries. zCover iPhone, iPad and iPod cases were the
Winner of Macworld Awards 2008 Best iPhone Accessory and nominated as the Best iPad Accessory in 2010, the Best iPod
Accessory in 2007 and 2006.

zCover has successful partnerships with Top 500 companies including Apple, Ascom, Cisco, Honeywell, Intermec, Motorola, Polycom, Siemens, Toshiba and other top 500 companies. Selected zCover, zBattery and zAdapter accessories for iPad, iPhone, iPod, mobile phones and handheld consumer products, computer keyboard cover and notebook/netbook body protectors are available at Ingram Micro, Apple Stores and other retail stores.

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